Quickly check your customer's
based on their review history on Etsy.

We have created a powerful tool that examines the review history of customers on Etsy, enabling us to gauge their trustworthiness. By analyzing their review patterns, ratings, and feedback, our tool provides valuable insights for making informed decisions in business transactions.

Install Check Karen for Etsy Sellers Extension Available on Chrome Browser only



This tool allows you to quickly view the review history of customers directly on the Etsy store. It provides a convenient way to access and analyze customer reviews, helping you make informed decisions and build trust with your customers on Etsy.

Detect fraudulent orders easily
Detect buyers with a history of poor quality reviews
Check with the free checketsy link
You can add the keyword check before the domain etsy to quickly check someone eg: checketsy.com/people/xxx

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Q & A

What system is this?

This tool enables you to quickly view the review history of customers directly on the Etsy store, allowing you to make informed decisions and potentially cancel orders before processing them based on customer feedback. It helps ensure customer satisfaction and manage your business effectively on Etsy.

Is this Etsy's system?

This system is developed by passionate sellers and not affiliated with Etsy. We disclaim any responsibility if you use it for purposes other than intended. Please ensure you adhere to Etsy's policies and guidelines while utilizing the tool.

The derogatory term, "Karen", is racist against white women

The keyword "Karen" can be sensitive to some individuals, but we only intend to refer to customers with an unpleasant attitude, that's all.

Who we are?

We are sellers ourselves and have some programming knowledge, and that's how we developed this tool with passion.