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2,998 listings
Avg. Conversion Rate
Avg. Views: 799 per listing
Avg. Favorites: 43 per listing
Avg. Sold: 31 per listing
Total Shops
Every shop has an average of 2 listings
Avg. Price
251 USD
Min-Max Price: 0.20 USD - 36,900 USD
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14 years ago

Top Countries: morocco

59 countries

The chart shows the percentage of listings per country for the keyword morocco.

Top 10 Categories:

The table shows the top 10 categories with the highest percentage of listings for the keyword morocco.

Category Name % of Listings
Art & Collectibles, Prints, Digital Prints 10.45%
Clothing, Gender-Neutral Adult Clothing, Tops & Tees, T-shirts 6.98%
Home & Living, Home Decor, Wall Decor 5.02%
Home & Living, Floor & Rugs, Rugs 4.84%
Home & Living, Home Decor, Rocks & Geodes 4.28%
Art & Collectibles, Collectibles 3.54%
Art & Collectibles, Drawing & Illustration, Digital 3.32%
Clothing, Women's Clothing, Dresses 3.25%
Art & Collectibles, Prints, Giclée 2.07%
Home Improvement, Plumbing, Home & Living, Faucets, Handles & Showerheads 1.92%

Listing Types: morocco

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Listing States: morocco

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